Commissions, Requests & Ideas

Do you have something specific you would like to see in a tiny painting?  Everybody knows Tiny Paintings are the perfect gift. They are unique, personal and can be displayed almost anywhere.  Pets, cars, childhood toys, favorite foods, best friend, places you’ve visited, are just some ideas. Tiny painting are great for those “hard to buy for” people.  If you are interested in a commission or just have an idea you would love to see painted, please fill out the information below.

Pricing for original art starts at $225 (price varies depending on content and detail and takes 6-8 weeks or longer based on current orders)

Deposits & Payments
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Cancellation Policy

Once the commission process is started, You will be informed of the completion date and a photo of the final painting will be sent to make sure you are 100% happy with the finished piece before framing/shipping.